So what is this site about?

  • The Fine Art Studio was created for students in the Art and Art History program.
  • This site will function as an ONLINE GALLERY for student works selected by their Professors.
  • Students will get recognition of their pieces as they will be presented on the site with a short bio and picture of the Artist

How will it work?

  • With EVERY CRITIQUE in every art studio, one students work will be selected to represent their class online.
  • The student selected will have to submit a professional photo, or document (media file) to their professor.
  • The selected student will fill out a short questionnaire that will be used as their bio.
  • A picture of the student, their piece, a description of the project and description of the artist will be posted.

What does your piece being on this site mean?

  • With this site you can get your pieces and your nameĀ ONLINE.
  • This means that you can update your CV noting the recognition given to you as an artist.
  • Other students will use your piece as an example to better understand projects that are used repeatedly
  • You get bragging points and a place where you can show off your piece to others of interest- woot woot!



  • Content: Breanna Shanahan
  • Support: Jeremy Fernie
  • Server: Mark Galaszkiewicz