The Sensual Experience

On October 23, 2014 by shanahanbreanna

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.13.29 PM

Artist: La Croix Calloo

 Title:   The Sensual Experience, 2014

 Class:  Painting 4, John Armstrong

 Project Title: Self- Directed project

 Media: Oil paint,

Scale: 20 x 36 inches


Artist Statement:

The sensual experience makes a note on the interpretation of those viewing the image. Some who have viewed this piece have said that it is quite disturbing due to its grotesque and distorted figure and others have evoked an erotic experience upon initial review. The image is meant to be a confrontational piece due to the way the image is cropped. It touches on the ideas of being comfortable in ones own skin as well as the influences of physical and/or surgical alterations of one’s appearance.