For a life of good works

On November 13, 2013 by shanahanbreanna

Artist Name: Tara Broadshaw
Title: For a life of good works
Class: Sculpture 4
Project title and Requirement: Self Directed Work.
Students are to develop research and execute a self directed artwork over the first term of the school year.
Media: Pig’s blood
Scale : 10ft x 6ft x 7ft
Artist statement:For myself as an Artist and a Christian I use the Bible more as a book to be studied and questioned, rather than a book of rules to be rigidly read and followed.This piece investigates the Bible as an object and artifact without the intention of malice. By stenciling words of the Bible I created an unconventional atmosphere for the scripture to be viewed and at the same time lost in the experience. This draws attention to the consistent interpretation the Bible undergoes. The reason for pig’s blood is that in many cultures, even for some Christians, pig’s are considered unsanitary animals, and contact with them is sacrireligous. I personally find the word, ‘sacrirelgious’ to be thrown around far too much, as for me your faith and belief system cannot be encompassed in a particular object, because it is a much larger thing that.