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Artist Name: Ieva Cerps
Title: Merry-go-round
Class: Painting 3

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Project title and Requirement:

An Embarrassment of Influence
Use three sources in one painting from the following three areas: personal, mass media/pop culture, art history. For the personal category you might use family snapshots or videos as source material; or, you may paint personally significant settings. The images you cite for the mass media/pop culture category will most likely be familiar to a broader audience and could include references to advertising, Hollywood film, TV, pulp fiction book-jacket illustration, jokes, folklore, and so on. One way to approach the art history component is to use a particular technique or style of painting from an historical work; note how the technique informs the meaning of the image. You may work from analog or digital photographs, photostatic prints (Xeroxes) or any other means of reproduction.


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