On November 5, 2013 by shanahanbreanna
Artist Name: Olena Mandryk
Title: Untitled
Class: Painting 3
Project title and Requirement: Almost the Same thing, Repeated Five Times

This project looks at contemporary artists’ use of repetition and seriality, the reworking of the same image with slight variations. This may include permutations, modular manipulations, process-oriented painting procedures, and logical and illogical progressions. Either abstract or representational imagery may be used. Serial Images include neither transformations nor overt narratives.

A point of reference for this assignment is the 1968 exhibition titled Serial Imagery curated by the American curator and artist John Coplans. The catalogue for the exhibition is in Robarts Library: Coplans, John. Serial Imagery. Pasadena: Pasadena Art Museum, 1968.

Media: Oil on five 6×9″ MDF panels

Scale:. —
Artist statement: —