On October 24, 2013 by shanahanbreanna
Artist Name: Noor Naqaweh
Title: Anna
Class: Design 3
Project title and Requirement: Poster of Object with Type from Object of Interest (POOTFOOT)

Students were asked to pick 10 objects of influence (things that were important to them). They narrowed that down to their top pick and then designed a font based on that. They were then asked to create a poster using an original image and their type face, that embodied that object and why it was important to them. The poster was to feel like a self portrait in essence without actually being a traditional self portrait.


Media: Digital Print
Scale:. 16 x 12″
Artist statement:
For the font, I traced some arabic letters using Adobe Illustrator and transformed them into brushes, and through the different combinations of brushes, I drew out an english font. As for the poster, I wore a traditional Palestinian dress and my Jeffery Campbell boots to represent two cultures that make up who I am. The word “Anna” in arabic means “I”, and since it refers to an english name, I used it to represent an identity that I made up.