White Wash

On October 21, 2013 by shanahanbreanna


Artist Name: Tye Tremblay

Title: White Wash

Media: Cornstarch Paste on artist/performer


8 minute performance

Class: Painting 4

Project Title: Independent Project

Artist Statement:

Here I stand unclothed. It is a marked body, it can no longer be described by the margins set by society; it is troubled, tainted  and incorrect. By covering myself in whitewash, a new mark is made that covers my marked body and returns it to a neutral (unmarked) marked body. But this is merely a temporary solution to a much deeper concern. By inviting the viewers to wash my body with ice water, I painfully anticipate the cleansing of this artificial whitewash cover with a new mark: its deletion. By the end of the performance, my seemingly cleansed, exposed skin remains as it was, marked.