Respiratory Distress

On September 26, 2013 by shanahanbreanna

Artist Name: Alex Coulson

Title: Respiratory Distress

Media: styrofoam, royal icing, adobe mud mix

Scale: Room size=

Class: Sculpture 4

Project Title and Requirement: Starting Gate

For the Starting Gate project we were to create a piece that would help us experiment with different materials. This projects purpose was to help set ourselves up for our two other big self directed projects this year by giving us experience in material use and process.

Artist Statement:

Respiratory distress is a piece that deals with an abstracted lung made out of insulation board. It communicates the inability to breathe through the inorganic material use of icing. The breathable material is translated through adobe experimentation. Adobe is a material used to make mud huts, it consists of clay, dirt and water. The shape of the form is an abstraction of muscle tissue in the lung. My inspiration came from an incident I experienced on the bus when a man in front of me began to choke on his coffee. It got me thinking about the respiratory system and was the key inspiration for my piece.